Alan Devine

Alan_DevineFrom Glenroe to King Arthur, Hamlet, Veronica Guerin, The Tudors, Vikings and Fair City, Alan has over twenty years experience working as an actor in Ireland.

Dramaclub provides a public speaking programme for all post primary students, especially transition years.

public speaking

Public speaking is an important personal skill that anyone can develop through confidence, preparation and technique.

Dramaclub’s introduction to public speaking is a series of fun workshops designed to get all your students up on their feet and talking.

my aim is to show students how to:


A maximum of 25 -30 students per group allows every student to have as much speaking time as possible.

Each group of 25 -30 students have one full day ( 9 periods) of workshop.


Simple games, exercises and examples are used to help all students discover the basic skills required to present themselves and their ideas to an audience in an interesting and engaging manner.

day one : anyone can learn to speak in public



day two: presentation day

Contact alan devine : 2066411